Instantiate plane does not located at right position

I am creating a 2D game. There is a list which show items user could purchase. My problem is that I could not make the image (material) located and shown on the correct position after I instantiated from the prefab (the 1st row I referenced in the list).

As I mentioned, I use the 1st row (on the top of the list, like the ListView of Android) as the prefab and Called:
Instantiate (1stRowPrefab, newRowPosition, Quaternion.identity);

All clone rows aligned perfectly and children of each row located and shown correct except one child - a plane object with a image appended on it. The plane object seems overlap at the same position - the position of the plane on the 1st also the referenced row.

I checked the inspector about the position of each plane, all plane do have the correct setting like the prefab one. They do have the correct position setting, image material appended. However, they just do not displayed correctly in the game view. Normally, each plane should located in their own row in the list. But it looks like all the planes all located at the position of the plane of the prefab one hence overlapped. Just have no idea why this happened. Hope you guys could help me this issue. Many thanks!

Update: add screenshot here

Did you check to see if your Prefabs were all set at 0,0,0 in the Project Menu?