Instantiate Resources Load not working ...

I have done this a million times, and even last night i had a similar line that worked just fine…but this morning it does not and i cant figure out what has changed.

var t:Transform=Instantiate(Resources.Load("ValuedAssets/CoverManager"),,Quaternion.identity)as Transform;

The path is correct, if i just use instantiate w/o the cast the object instantiates fine. The problem is once i cast t as Transform it becomes null. This should just be routine, i dont get errors anywhere else… any ideas?

Load returns an object, not a transform. Try

(Wrong one)

var t : Transform = Instantiate(Resources.Load("ValuedAssets/CoverManager"),

(Good one)

var go : GameObject = Instantiate(Resources.Load("ValuedAssets/CoverManager"),
var t : Transform = go.transform;

// OR
var t : Transform = (Instantiate(Resources.Load("ValuedAssets/CoverManager"), 
        ,Quaternion.identity) as GameObject).transform;