Instantiated GameObject collision without script repetition?

So in my project I have the player “playerTank” and I can control the player correctly, and I am vaguely familiar with collision detection. However, there are several randomly generated “walls” that I have instantiated, that I want to impede player movement. Keeping in mind that my movement scripts are turn-based and not physics based, is there any way to identify all of the walls, and walls’ clones (wallclone1, wallclone2, etc) without attaching a script to each one? Perhaps I can assign them to a parent during generation, and somehow specify a collision with all of GameObject wall’s children? If there are any solutions, I’d love to hear them <3.

The typical solution is to use tags. Give all your walls the same, unique tag. Then you can do:

  var walls : GameObject[] = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Wall"):