Instantiated Object does not fall

in my game there is a pistol and whenever it fired it ejected a bullet casing but once active the casing will not fall, even with rigidbody 2D attached to the prefab and isKinematic active.
it will also not apply any addforce commands so that it looks like my casing popped out of the pistol, just velocity and translate commands.
any help is appreciated

The reason your obejct doesn’t fall is because your isKinematic option is set to true.

If a object is kinematic, it basically means that it doesn’t use physics like it normally does.

Click >Here< for more information about the isKinematic variable.

So, set your isKinematic setting on your Rigidbody back to false and it should fall like normally :slight_smile:

isKinematic to false!

inKinematic stops gravity. I’m not sure the whole reason on it but I always remember if I need it to fall then keep that off :slight_smile: