Instantiated Object Not "Colliding" as Expected.

I instantiate five to ten objects from the same prefab. These objects move down a road/trail and eventually pass through a wall (invisible, just there to detect passage). I have a “Counter” that is supposed to increment once each time one of my prefab objects pass through the wall.

The prefab objects have a rigidbody (for physics/movement) and a collider. My invisible wall has a collider.

No matter what I do, I can’t get the Counter to add up to more than one (I accidentally got it to add up to two for a short period of time but can’t even get it to do that now). I’m trying to figure out what my Inspector settings need to be to get my Counter to increment properly…it’s obviously working a teenie bit or it would never get to “1” at all. Hmmmm.

Here’s my OnTrigger code:

	void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col)
		if (col.gameObject.tag=="Finish")
			Debug.Log("Bingo  " + Counter01);

What is “Counter01”, a global variable? If it is you might wanna check if you’re setting it anywhere else in your code.

I figured it out folks. Well, at least I figured a solution that works. I just made it a static variable over on yonder script and then just increment and decrement as necessary from wherever necessary. It will be fine that way because it’s only used for a single purpose and will be the same no matter where or when it is used elsewhere.

Thank you for any consideration.