Instantiated objects not appearing in scene or game view

For a project I’ve been working on, I have been instantiating randomly chosen prefabs from a list to a clone array on the press of a button. And when that same button is pressed again, it cleans out the clone array and instantiates more random prefabs all over again.

For the most part it works flawlessly, however, after pressing the randomize button exactly 30 times, the objects do not appear in either the scene view or game view.
Said objects are not deactivated nor is their mesh data missing in the inspector. Their mesh renderers are also still active.
They show up in the hierarchy with the correct names, and if I select them they look like empty game objects in the scene view, with their origin point being at the correct spot.

I have another script that functionally does the same thing, and it has no problems after 30 attempts, so this is boggling my mind.

Any ideas?

What position are the objects supposed to be? Are they in the hierarchy?

Also, how do you instantuate the objects with a buton press? is the instantiation taking place in any type of loop?