Instantiated objects not visible or rendering

I am instantiating some objects when an object is clicked on. My process for making the prefabs was to take the model once it had been dragged into the hierarchy, textured, and scripts added, and drag it into an empty prefab. Then in the script I have this code:

    //transit system assets
var  busNPC: Transform; 
var  busStop: Transform;
var  insBus: Transform;
var  insStop: Transform;
var  transit_state: boolean; //true=on
var  trans_stantiated: boolean;

function Update () {
    if(transit_state && !trans_stantiated)
        insBus =  Instantiate(busNPC);
        insStop = Instantiate(busStop);
        trans_stantiated = true;
    else if(!transit_state && trans_stantiated)

What am I doing wrong here? I've investigated the state after instantiation, and this shouldn't be an issue. The prefabs, when dragged manually into the hierarchy, appear properly, correct rotation, correct position. After the Debug.Break(), everything is exactly right on the objects. What did I do wrong?

The problem was the prefabs had the wrong position, and thus weren't visible. Nothing special at all.