Instantiated prefab color change

I am having a problem with prefabs I have instantiated with script. I can instantiate the prefab well enough but I seem to be having trouble with finding the parts of the prefab so that i can change their color. For exalmple once i have instantiated a character and I search for its head by using code like var head = GameObject.Find(“Head”); and then when I try to change the color of var head I get a NullReference Exception. This only happens with instantiated prefabs. Can anyone help me? Thank You.

You should be modifying the renderer.material.color

GameObject.Find doesn’t care about the item you just spawned. It will search for any “Head” object. Use Transform.Find to search inside a particular object. Make sure you find the gameObject with the model on it (for example, here I pretend head has a headModel child.) Rough ex:

var newThing = Instantiate(...);
newHead = newThing.transform.Find("head/headModel");
// Assuming head is an empty, with real model below it

Then probably head.renderer.material.color = ... unless you used a really odd shader.