Instantiated Prefab destroyed but functions still remain

Good day guys,
I have this complex prefab which is actually a hierarchy. The prefab has some functions inside. The prefab comes to be an object through instantiate command. Later on, the object (clone) is destroyed. Imediatelly is respawned in other point but when I hit the keyboard for the whatever action I want to perform, I get twice the sound or reference on the debug log. Im using the 3.4 version and I’m pretty sure the automatic memory manager should be working.
Do I need to run some kind of flush memory to get rid of any rebel function that is still bugging around?
Best regards to anyone who reads this. Even better if put some answer :slight_smile:

is the AudioSource attached to the Prefab or a External Script? How you set the Audio Source (Script or Inspector)?

Try Debug

    AudioSource[] as = FindObjectsOfType(typeof(AudioSource)) as AudioSource[];
    foreach (AudioSource a in as) {

Gutten Nacht?
The sound is assigned in inspector to a variable that will be used like this:

var WhipSound : AudioClip;

/* Upon keystrike */
AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(WhipSound , transform.position, 30.0F);

I’m about to try with this: Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets(), since my best guess is that some functions remained in memory after the object was destroyed. BTW, the script shown belongs to the prefab, and therefore, to the clone.

Thnx for your interest.