Instantiated Prefab doesn't appear?

So i’m trying to get it so the balls in my game spawn on their own, but they don’t seem to be appearing at all. The Ball prefab has a script which makes it move to the left and control the player’s movement if that makes any difference. It would work before when I was just testing the movement and interaction of the ball but now that I’ve used it as a prefab it doesn’t seem to work.

Hey, please make sure, that your GameObject you want to instantiate is markes as active. Sometimes while testing I deactiave the GameObject und then it is created without beeing active. You can also follow your objects: Select the object you want to follow in the hierarchy und press “F” continously. The Camera is following the gameObject. Please make sure you switch the scene view.

According to your code you want to instantiate a ball in all points except a random one, I’m not sure if you really intended this behavior, in any case, you should have your balls instantiated unless you have the array of points empty (or 1)

Make the object is active, then drag it into a Prefabs folder. Then, set it active as you like. after that, drag from the Prefabs folder into the script of spawning.

It works for me.