Instantiated prefab script not capturing on click

Hi! I have a prefab that when clicked, it just logs into the console that it was clicked. When I add it on the scene, the behavior works as expected.
Since the prefab(obj2) is a hidden menu of another prefab (obj1), I instantiate a clone when obj1 is clicked.
That part works, but, the onClick event on the menu does not work at all.

So, the crow bar, has a script attached that handles on click events. In that scenario, it works. But, while on play, if I click on the shop, that same menu is cloned, and when clicking on the crow bar of the clone, nothing happens, the click event is lost.
What am I doing wrong?

Found what I had wrong. The crowbar collider was overlapping the menu collider, and only one took precedence. It was mere luck that the non instantiated one worked.