Instantiated prefab warps immediately

I have created a script that instantiates a prefab of an enemy at the location of it’s parent (a spawner with the script that calls the instantiation). One of my spawners works perfectly 100% of the time and the enemies will spawn right where I want them (at the location of the parent object). I have a second spawner that was duplicated (ctrl + D) from the first spawner but moved to another location. This one works about 60-80% of the time. I have a third spawner created as a duplicate as well that works 0% of the time.

The only difference between the three is their location on the map so I’m guessing it has to do with my terrain. I have baked the map recently using the Navigation window and no changes have been made since. I have two screenshots to help.

The first is of the enemy immediately after being instantiated:

When I hit the step button to move forward one frame he warps randomly on the map as seen in this second image:

Any help is greatly appreciated as I’m out of ideas. Thanks in advance.

I figured this out. The Nav Mesh Agent was not happy. What I ended up doing was disabling the Nav Mesh Agent component on the prefab. I then added a line to the spawner code that enables that component after the enemy has been instantiated. Now, it works on all of my spawners and I’ve been able to add more.