Instantiating a prefab that has script attached

Hey, I’m new and a bit confused so please have some patience.

So the context is:

I have a “Card” prefab(made out of 2 planes that represent the front and the back of my card). The prefab has two scripts attached to it: “Card” and “CardData”.

public class Card : MonoBehaviour {
	public string cardName;
	public int cardManaCost;
	public int cardHp;
	public int cardAttack;	

I have a function that is supposed to instantiate a prefab and give it the correct texture that coresponds with the values from the “Card” and “CardData” scripts.

My question is:

When I instantiate the prefab, does it automaticly create an object of the class in the script? If yes, can I access it like this?

newCardName = clonedPrefab.Card.cardName;

Do I need to create a “Card” object myself? How does this work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m in a stage where it’s really hard to test things in my project and I can’t find this info in the documentation so I’m kind of stuck.

When you instantiate your object, you are also instantiating an instance of each component attached to it… to access the component, you can use GetComponent:

newCardName = clonedPrefab.GetComponent<Card>().cardName;