Instantiating Nav Mesh Agent not wroking

Hello, my name is Luke. I am trying to spawn an enemy that has a nav mesh agent attached to it. For some reason, one half of the map, the spawners work fine, but the other half, the nav mesh agent relocates but the gameobject is instantiated correctly. When the go to next frame, the gameobject relocates.

First frame: Screenshot - b5ff974e77bed9a48017fcb3f03b0bc3 - Gyazo
Next frame: Screenshot - a106083f75915ea70b4acc03a4e4aa6a - Gyazo

Its not the script cause it works for one side of the map.

By looking at the pictures I understand that the NavMeshAgent is created in the blue area (where the game object is in the second picture). How do you place the NavMeshAgent there?