Instantiating prefab animator stays always in idle

I'm trying to instantiate a gameobject that has attached an animator to it [it is a character, based on user selection].
The problem I'm having is that the character will not move [animation, it will move on the terrain but not the animation]

It is staying always in idle mode
What I'm doing wrong or what should I do to make it work?

L.E: the code that I'm using is from starter assets and I'm instantiating inside geometry object

Code for instaintiate

character = Instantiate(CharacterName, new Vector3(0, 0, 0), Quaternion.identity);

where CharacterName is a prefab and Geometry is the Geometry object from PlayerArmature

I founded the problem but I can't solve it via code.
So ... if from PlayerArmature I disable Animator component and then enable it it will work. But if I'm doing that form the code [e.g.: inside Start method] it is not working


No one no ideas?
So if I'm doing:

PlayerArmature.GetComponent<Animator>().enabled = false;
PlayerArmature.GetComponent<Animator>().enabled = true;

it is not working ... but if manually I'm disabling and activating it will do the trick

No ideas? Can I give more information [what exactly]?

I'm still hoping here as unfortunatelly I didn't founded a solution.
So what I'm having is unity asset starter with custom characters attached to the geometry game object from playerarmature.

The problem is that I instantiate the character from geometry game object [from unity starter assets] and the animation is not working in that case. If I manually, while the play button is on, I deactivate and reactivate the animator from playerarmature object the animation with start to work correctly.
If doing that from code, nothing happens

Wow ... finally ... problem solved ... if someone else will have the same problem you need to rebind the animator
In my case