Instantiating prefab gives isfinite error

My project was running good in unity 5.2 . But after upgrading to 5.3.1 whenever I instantiate a prefab it throws me ‘aabb’ ‘isfinite’ errors which I had never seen before. Please help…

But it’s Unity 5.3.1 bug for sure.
Everything worked fine in 4.6.x, 5.2.x and when I switched to newest one it happened.
For me it’s particle system causing it - 2 identical parameters - one is fine the other gives errors.

In my case the problem was a particle system! Odd thing is that it worked just fine in previous versions…
I´ve got a particle system child of my main player and the problem appears when I use “World” in Simulation Space instead of “Local” … too bad I need the world simulation space for my particles to get affected by forces applied to the player :frowning:

Check prefabs empty objects. I solved this problem

In my case it was also a particle system causing the bug. It is funny, because it was their explosion particle system from the standard assets.

I’m getting this with the FX Mega Pack particle effects specifically the ‘Toon’ ones.
As mentioned above, but a little burried, simply changing this one thing fixed it right up.

Particle System

Simulation Space: World → Local

This wasn’t happening with Unity 5.1 but I upgraded tonight to v.5.3.1f1 and the problem started.

@Srimasis you may want to try and patch Unity see: Download Archive

I needed to upgrade from 5.3.1 f 1 <-to-> 5.3.1 p 4

Once running the patched version things were fine for me.

this was occurring to my game and really bogging it down, i removed the explosion asset i downloaded with the tutorial and it stopped. guess i’ll need a different explosion
Gnick Gnack

I just upgraded from 5.2 to 5.3.1f1 and this is the first time I have seen this error message. It is also a standard asset particle effect that is causing the problem. Does anyone have a solution???