Instantiating thousands on start (loading custom levels)

Is there any alternative to having to instantiate every object when “loading” a user made level? Having to instantiate a lot, especially on mobile causes the game to get slower and slower. So is there any way to do this? how does unity load its scene without slowing the game down (after it loaded)

Other than your own customized optimizations, your best bet really is Object Pooling.

The basic idea being that you create these hundreds of objects on awake, and reuse and recycle them depending on your needs.

Hello PixelSpartan, I like the name. Now to business, you say:

“if you instantiate a lot, every time you instantiate the game becomes slower , as the Instantiating takes up more and more memory”.

However, that should not really be the case, and just to be sure let’s make sure we are on the same page.

For starters, are you experiencing poor frame rate or the fact that loading is simply taking too long? Instantiating objects may cause an obvious hiccup in gameplay, especially on mobile, but once the object is instantiated it should not be the case that the game remains running slow due to memory. However, could it be that you are having FPS issues (for example bringing in 1000 objects and then trying to draw the vast majority of them without proper batching)?

If you are having issues with long loading times, as stated by RobAnthem you, could use a coroutine to help load additional objects after the scene transition. For example, loading the main pieces of a scene behind a loading screen for a few seconds, and then getting the player in the game while continuing to load objects via coroutines after they are in and playing. With this approach your player might see some popping in of the new objects, and depending on how many objects it may still slow your game too much, but it is a solution that works for some people.

On the other hand, if the game remains slow, I suspect you may have an FPS issue. Take a look at your set pass calls and if you see them up over a couple hundred and are targeting low end mobile, this may be your issue. The first step here would be to look into static/dynamic batching. Another possibility is that you are using shaders that are too performance intensive on mobile, which could also severely degrade your FPS. Lastly, depending on what these objects are doing, it could be possible that you are generating a lot of garbage via scripts. The constant garbage collection could also degrade performance, and you can take a look at profiling on device to see which areas to best optimize.

In general, having a lot of objects in memory SHOULD NOT cause your game to be slow. I have been a part of mobile games with several thousands of objects in them and pushing the memory limits, while still maintaining a solid FPS on older mobile devices (iPad2, iPhone4, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, etc) by following those rules outlined above.

Im talking about instantiating a lot of objects and then the framerate remaining low. And the more levels you load over time the game goes slower and slower

And i try as much to batch everything so its not that and i dont really care about load time

My guess is that the more objects you make the more memory it takes up, so it lags as it struggles to find memory to run well