Instantiation happens three times, but called only once

This is something very peculiar. The following code will print this output:

"Sliderface Constructor 4"

“Sliderface Constructor 1”

“Sliderface Constructor 2”


“Sliderface Constructor 4”

Whereas I think It should output "FROM NEW GUI"

“Sliderface Constructor 1”

The GUI script is attached to only ONE GameObject, and (if I remove that component, all the output line disappear).

GUI script attached to a GameObject:

       #pragma strict
        import System;

        var ss_interface:SliderFace ;

        function Start(){ // I have also tried with Awake() and SliderFace() Awake has no result, Sliderface Works the same way as Start

            print ("FROM NEW GUI");
    // AN interface containing sliders, aptly named SliderFace
            ss_interface = new SliderFace();


// A separate file containing the class SliderFace (It is an User interface, and it uses sliders)

    class SliderFace {
        public static var sliderFaceCount :int =0;

    function SliderFace(){
        sliderFaceCount ++;

        out ("Sliderface concstructor " +sliderFaceCount);



That seems to be a spectacularly insane javascript bug.

You can remove the ss_interface = new SliderFace(); line and it'll still create a few.

It seems to be something to do with how javascript is serializing the class, but anyways, to fix it:

private var ss_interface : SliderFace;