Instantiation messing up transform component?

I’m working on a game with a client project and a server project. (I’ve already eliminated the possibility of the issue being due to networking) I’m working on instantiating the player, but doing so changes all the values in the transform (position, scale, and sometimes rotation) to numbers like 3.4958e-39. I’ve checked time and time again, and I’m 100% sure that there are no scripts affecting the object. What could be going on?

Maybe some confusing between world and local coordinates. Um, my solution would be to create an empty game object and name is spawn point.


var playerSpawnLoc : Transform
var player         : GameObject

Instantiate(player, playerSpawLoc, Quaternion.identity)

So, the player will always start of by going to that location. Can also create multiple points, which could be respond points and have an array, knowing where player should respond according to the player’s location.