Instantied 2D Prefab Is Invisible

I’m trying to instantiate a 2D Prefab but every time I try it’s invisible. If I place it into the scene it’s fine, but when I attempt to Instantiate it, it becomes invisible and doesn’t do any of the code I tell it to do (currently I have it so when it Instantiates it would fly in a direction like a bullet.

Instantiate(BulletPrefab, FirePoint.position, FirePoint.rotation);

well, my guess is that it’s rotated the wrong way, meaning that it would not take up any space when you look at it from the camera. Plus if you want to tell an object what to do you might want to consider using:

GameObject obj = Instantiate(BulletPrefab, FirePoint.position, FirePoint.rotation) as GameObject;

which gives you a reference to your newly instantiated bullet

Or your because of your sorting layer, your bullet may be being displayed BEHIND another object…