Instantion not taking account of position variable.

my code doesn’t want to place the instantiated clones in the position specified in Instantiate(go,pos,rot);, the clones are all in the same position as the cloneparent, the print of the clone postion is different from instantiated one.(am just cloning a object that exists in hierarchy)

I have written a fast code to make clones of an object around itself, and then i delete the cloning script from the children object so that it doesnt replicate to infinity:

from RadialClones.JS :

function test(N:int)
cube.transform.rotation = Quaternion.identity;
    for (var k = 0; k < N; k++)
		print( circle(N,k));
		var newone = Instantiate(cube, circle(N,k)*4 , Quaternion.identity);
		newone.transform.position = circle(N,k);
		Destroy (newone.GetComponent (RadialClones));

Ok, it’s obviously another script that is overriding the position in start function as there are 3 scritps on the cloned obj. sry silly question :slight_smile: