Instructions for iOS

I’m sure I’m looking in the wrong place so, I kind of need some guidance.

Is there documentation (instructions) on building a Unity project for the iOS devices? I’m a registered developer and am switching over to Unity to develop games. I created a simple dungeon hallway just to see how it runs on the iPhone. Every time I try to build it in the Xcode, I get 1758 errors. I have built in Xcode before but never something from Unity. Even the example files give me all the errors.

Please direct me to the info for how to do this and what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks so much…


Okay, after tinkering with the builds, I figured out my problem.

My ARM and my SDK settings were not matching between the Unity build and the Xcode build. That’s why I was getting so many errors. Once I matched them the closest I could (I have SDK 4.3 and Unity only goes up to 4.2), the build worked and it was installed on my iPhone.

Tanks for all your help! It gave me the clues I needed to figure it out.