Integrate python and Unity

i have a python project with Kivy as framework.
Sadly there are few annoyances with Kivy so i decided to migrate to unity.

I would like to keep the back end for the game and write a new front end matching with Unity.

How could i integrate it the best? My ideas would be either to take the python code and write a c# layer to access the interface or just access unity directly from python.

Also what would i need to do to get python code running on unity and how could i access the interface?

I managed to use ironpython with an external c# script to start a python file. It does work with limits.

I’ve gone through a lot of trouble regarding this Unity-Python communication issue. I’ve tried a lot and eventually settled down to ZeroMQ approach.

See Getting Started section and clone my repository here. You are going to like it

I have a follow up question to @rainbow_design. My understanding is that, ironpython only works for .net, however, my project would need PHP. Is there a way to have Python communicate with C# in Unity?