integrate unity with flex web app

how can i integrate unity 3d with my flex application? how can i show a flex gui in front of a unity 3d scene? overlay? fullscreen? how can i synchronize unity and flex logic? how can i create a texture in flex at runtinme and immediately use it within unity? thanks for any ideas, flexrails

There is an open source project called u3dobject, which is a good start for communication between Unity and Flash/Flex. Details about this project can be found here:

Having a Flash overlay is not possible. You could have Flash elements on the page and let it communicate with Unity. In case Flash/Flex is part of your application, going fullscreen is a problem, as you can only go fullscreen with your Flash application OR Unity application. Both is not possible.

Without the u3dobject you can have communication between Unity and Flash elements. Check the documentation for this: or a blogpost that I wrote a while ago: (including some examples of what could be possible).

I highly recommend using u3dobject.