Integrating Heart Rate Monitor Data

Hi! I’m trying to develop a game which takes live data from a heart rate monitor attached to the player. The device (Mio bracelet) supports Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+. Any ideas on how I can fetch the data and, for starters, just display it on the screen? I’m not using the Pro version of Unity, so can’t build my own plug-in, and I’m developing on Mac OS X.

See if there is any SDK that comes with the device. If it’s native dll/bundle (whatever its called on Mac) with exposed C functions you can pinvoke the dll as a plugin.

I found one post from nov 2014 where someone appear to have made Unity integration.

I doubt you need to write code to mess directly with bluetooth.

Thank you for the hint @Statement ! I looked into it and they haven’t released their own SDK to the public and there’s no date for it in the future.
I’ve been looking into things like LightBlue (a Python module that is apparently cross-platform, but can’t make the framework work on my computer) or Core Bluetooth, but I seem to always run into a dead end. If you have any more ideas or suggestions, let me know.
Thanks again!


I’m trying to do nearly the same as You…
It is possible to register as an adopter on and get ANT Library package. (Windows for me)
Then you can use a managed library which calls unmanaged dll’s.
For me, I am able to get some results in Editor but not in Standalone.
I will try further and post again if I’m not able to get ride of it !
I hope this will help you a little.


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