Integrating SDK into unity project

Hey guys. So I planned on integrating the twitch sdk into my project for user login and data caching and stuff. My problem is that I am very new to programming itself and just started with c#. The twitch API provides a RESTful SDK and a Javascript SDK as you can see here: Twitch API
It is very well documentated but I really have no clue how to import and use it in unity. Does anyone of you ever have worked with this API or is there maybe a simple method to use the RESTful API in unity? I really need help with this :slight_smile:

The first issue is that this is the web sdk if I’m not mistaken… The link you want is to a unity package. GitHub - mpoon/twitchbins: Binary files for Twitch Broadcasting SDK. By downloading these files you agree to the terms of service below This hasn’t been addressed in a couple of years for whatever reason. But for use inside unity you want the file twitchunity.unitypackage. But the question remains has anyone gotten this integrated into a project? Will this SDK function with current versions of unity?

UPDATE: I asked about the twitch sdk on the twitch dev forum and was told the sdk has been discontinued.