Integrating Unity into an Android Activity

This is my first time using Unity, and I want to integrate it into an already existing Android app.

From what I’ve read, you need to package your Android project into a jar file. Since you can’t include the resource folder in the jar, how do I handle all of the resources for my app? The app also uses the ActionBarSherlock and ViewPagerIndicator libraries which have resources of their own as well.

I basically just need a way to click a button on Android and pop up an Activity containing the Unity stuff. I want the rest of the app to be native Android code. Thanks for the help!

I figured it out. I was following these directions but kept getting various error messages including ClassNotFound exceptions.

It turns out the way that ADT 17 handles .jar files broke this method of integrating Unity into Eclipse. After hours of searching, here’s the fix I came up with:

Instead of adding classes.jar to your build path, you should just copy the classes.jar file into the lib directory of your project, and everything should work properly.