Integration of ARtoolkit with Unity3D for using several markers

I’m using Unity3D and ARToolkit to create a system that recognizes different markers that are placed inside a house. My difficulty has to do with setting up Unity3D for this effect.
In the ARMarker (Script) there are four options for the “Type” of marker:

  • Square (that only allows to define a single Pattern file - This would be great if it detected any pattern)

  • Square barcode (that as long as I understand, only allows a single Barcode ID)

  • Multimarker (that seems to be used for detecting several markers at the same time, not one at the time)

I haven’t found an example for what to place in the “Multimarker config” area. I’m placing;
arSetPatternDetectionMode(arHandle, AR_MATRIX_CODE_DETECTION);
arSetMatrixCodeType(arHandle, AR_MATRIX_CODE_3x3);
because its what is used in the .txt example files for the ARTookit for Android. So I don’t know if this is the correct configuration.

  • NFT (that I haven’t found any example)

Is it possible to detect more than one marker (several markers, not at the same time)? and if it is, how?

My thanks in advanced

Were you able to find a solution?!,Were you able to find a solution?!