Integration of NavMesh Building Components

Are the new NavMesh Building Components that are on GitHub - NavMesh Surface etc. - going to be integrated into Unity at some point? Any idea when? There's no mention of them on the roadmap.

The docs on GitHub also only mention 5.6 - I assume they work with 2017.1+ too?

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I tried asking this too (about whether they are compatible with 2017 series) - I think in another section, but had no answer. What I feel I need to know is whether they are keeping up with the main Unity releases or if I am likely to find myself with a game that suddenly doesn't work after I install a new Unity. And if so, what will tell me that I need to get an updated NavMesh Components download?

Actually I just found this: The guy who made this video is using 2017.2 beta and they're working for him in that.

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Yeah we're wondering the same thing - I don't want to move our project to rely on the separate components if the update cycle is going to break something. At the same time, we need to get navmesh baking working with only collision volumes and not render meshes, so using the NavMeshSurface component seems like a necessity.

I understand this is just how experimental features work, but some transparency on the roadmap would help a lot in planning.

I did see that there are a couple of branches in the Github that are relevant to the current version and its beta. But they've not been merged to Master yet and neither have there been new commits to the branches for months. So it does give me a bit of a worry.

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bump on this, I also wonder if they are going to add more features or expand the API, we still cannot query interesting stuff to the pathfinding system like if two points are in the same island, or if a point is reachable, or how to do queries about blocking placements, I'm completely lost with all this.

Are we posting in the wrong place to get a reply from the people who know?

I think the original post is related to what I'm struggling at the moment, so is good to bump this thread, if my project is heavily dependant on the Unity Navmesh system, I want to know what are their plans to have good support on it and full integration with the engine, I'm interested in this thread, and the answers to the original question, otherwise I would not be posting.

I know, so am I - I am just saying given the lack of reply, maybe we're not asking in a place that the devs look in, and therefore we could bump all we like and still not get a reply. Are there other places to ask? I am relatively inexperienced here

mmm some time ago in an answers thread a unity dev answered something related, I tried to quote him and ask him about this thing and he never replied, so I don't know, either they are too busy or they don't actually have an answer so they remain silent until the backend is mature enough to be able to do this vital stuff for most RTS-like games

note: I meant Unity Answers forum, I'll check later and post here the link

Did you find that link?

sorry I can't find the post, UX in unity forums/answers etc is far away from good, I have no idea how to do simple stuff like finding your own comments in the forums etc, is really annoying.

I posted threads asking for some help around this, but zero answers yet, P.S: I've found the thread!

and these are the threads/questions I created

I wonder if the person/people developing that feature have maybe left the company? That could explain the Marie Celeste effect.

I think Jakob (who worked for Unity) has left, and the only other person who is a contributor to this feature was only active for about a month this year and could well have lost interest. So it would rely on someone being interested enough to fork it, since without an active admin on the project people can't even make pull requests. In fact there is a pending pull request that no one has responded to, and Jakob stopped replying to issues in around May.

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yes I noticed the lack of activity from his user account, I hope that an engine feature such as this doesn’t rely on only one person and has some part in an integrated development plan, hopefully they will reassign someone to work on this, otherwise this is a shame, I feel unity kind of wash their hands by making parts of the engine separate github projects, more than opensourcing things get relaxed and doesn’t follow the main update cycle

I have tweeted @Unity3D in the hopes that someone will look at this.

Hmm does this help at all? Person saying it's already integrated and navmeshcomponents are now not needed.

I have just checked the historic release notes and it was integrated in 5.6. Doh! This thread can be deleted then.

The NavMesh components are not yet implemented. It's true that the navmesh backend was improved to support things like runtime baking in 5.6, but the components in the GitHub project are not implemented. There is no component like the NavMeshSurface component found in the GitHub project present in Unity, nor is there a component called "NavMeshBuilder" as the person in the thread above said.
So the original question still stands.

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From my experience it's usable, I'm not lacking any features. It's a bit rough and ready but it's not what I call ship stopper state. I think the plan was to include it with pack man in 2017.2, or start doing that then. I haven't heard any more than that.

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Navmeshbuilder exists and I am using it right now?

Try and access it in Unity 2017.2, it is absolutely fine? Perhaps you are not using the right namespaces? You need to add the relevant namespaces within the UnityEngine.X

EDIT: Make sure to have using UnityEngine.AI