Integration with Ionic framework

We are working on an implementation, where we have to integrate the unity work into a mobile app using ionic framework.

Our requirement is to create a unity character by taking a snap from the mobile and providing it to the unity app and creating an animated video on the fly.(prefered mp4 output)

We need your help in finding, if its possible using unity?

Also, we are curious if you above can be done using crazy talk.

EDIT: The definitive guide on how to do this is here:

Yes, there are some methods to implement your plan:

1: you can call unity 3d view(as a native view) in ionic same as any Cordova app, so that means you need to make a bridge between the native java (or C++ NDK) in Android and your ionic js code, or between native object-c and your ionic js code.

2, you can transfer your unity 3d application to javascript and webGL, and then call unity app directly by ionic. This way is super easy. but the performance is not good as the method afore said.

I have do both methods for my previous boss, I think for most small 3d function, method 2 is fair enough. There are some old mobile phone do not support webGL, But those old phone also can not run native 3d in good performance.

I’ve found a really easy solution– using a plugin like UniWebView or Unity-WebView (which is free on Github – GitHub - gree/unity-webview , UniWebView is like $20)

Since Ionic / Phone Gap / Cordova is basically just building an app that loads up a WebView, this seems to work really well. And you can use links with a special Javascript callback (read the docs) to, say, load a scene with your Unity stuff.

To add Ionic, I just copy my www folder into my streaming assets, create a blank scene, delete the camera and just load up the webview. From there I can open different scenes in my Unity project. While it’s not the same battery performance as, say, suspended Unity completely, it seems to work well-enough, and the frame rate in the webview is definitely usable.

What I would LOVE to do (and if you make any headway on this, please let me know!!!) would be to go the other way, and integrate my Unity stuff into Ionic/Cordova through XCode, but this seems to require a level of knowledge in ViewControllers in Obj C and Java that I don’t possess. However, I’ve found some resources that might help you along your journey:

iOS A better way to integrate Unity3D within a native iOS app GitHub - mgcrea/cordova-plugin-unity: Integrate Unity in your Cordova projects

Android Unity and Android: Create an app with a custom layout | 41 Post

Hope that helps!


  1. I have followed this tutorial
  2. I have the plugin installed
    GitHub - lalalune/cordova2unity: Plugin for Ionic / Cordova + Unity integration
  3. What is the next step

Should I copy the unity.xcode into ionic folder?
please any advice or Detailed tutorial


I have an Ionic application. I would like it to have Augmented Reality capability. When the user presses a button, I would like to launch the Unity app I made with Vuforia. How might I do this?

My problem is very similar to this one so I didn’t want to create a duplicate. I was not able to follow @shawww 's answer since I have no idea how eclipse or native android apps work.

I am willing to use UniWebView plugin if it helps, but I don’t know it would.

Is there a better and easier solution to this? If not, can someone please explain how to do this step by step? @5c4r3cr0w , were you able to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.


Anyone please give me proper step to integrate unity project into ionic app in ANDROID ?
i want to open unity scene from ionic using button
thank you