integration with Rider and creating animation

Hi guys, i have a few questions:

  1. When i’m trying to create a new animation, i receive the following error message - Need to save in the Assets folder. You need to save the file inside of the project’s assets folder. As you can see, my path doesn’t contain any special characters, spaces or anything else and i tried to save it inside the Assets, Assets/Animations folders and got the same error. How to fix it?

  1. And the second error with rider integration. I opened rider by clicking Open C# project inside Unity and until the first change looks that it working well. But after that, i see that Unity editor is not connected and integration doesn’t work at all. I attached a screen with the current configuration. Please, help me to fix this weird issue

OS - big sur 11.4,
Rider - 2020.1.1
Unity - 2021.1.19f1 and 2020.3.17f1

Regarding the second question.

  1. Make sure to use Rider package 3.0.7 in Unity package manager.
  2. Make sure that External Editor (Rider 2020.1) matches the actual running Rider. You are running relatively old Rider version, can I ask why don’t you update?

Could it be that just the Notification is wrong, but everything works? At least the green dot on the Unity icon in Rider bottom right corner shows that connection is running fine.