Intel Iris Pro 580 driver crash causes Unity graphics freeze


We are having issues with a Unity build that’s running in a museum on an Intel NUC6i7KYK PC.
The graphics driver of this machine crashes once in a while. This causes a graphics freeze in the Unity appliction but not a total crash. The screen just doesn’t get updated anymore but the Unity application logic is still runing fine in the background.

This is the Windows Event viewer error that’s reported with the driver crash:


We’ve already tried several options to stop the driver from crashing, but nothing succesful so far.
Does anyone know if there’s a way to somehow reset the graphics engine while running? Because we are able to detect the driver crash. At that moment we could somehow reset the Unity graphics and resume like nothing has happened.

Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 580
Unity version: 5.6.3
Runtime: OpenGL

Hi Emiel @ThaBukkow, We had best results with this specific Intel driver version: GFX_WIN7_8.1_10_64_15.45.19.4678_KY. This driver improved things drastically but the issue was not totally solved. Intel acknowledged that the problems you’re facing are BIOS related but have not released a patch yet. Our client decided to replace all NUC’s in the end.
Best from your Frog friends in Delft :wink:

Update: This issue still occurs with the latest Intel drivers. We’re seeing it after 20-30 hours of the application running.

Just in case anyone is still having this issue, we’ve found that updating to the latest Intel Display drivers resolves this issue on our Gen 7 NUCs.

Unfortunately, neither Windows Update nor Intel’s Driver & Support Assistant will download the latest drivers (currently So we had to download them manually from Intel Download Center:

I hope this helps someone.

Hi @nickhungrysky, @brtbrg

We are experiencing the same problem, same NUCs, also for a museum exhibition. Some exhibits freeze once a day, some after a couple of days. It seems that having a max framerate, disabling Vsync and anti-aliasing improves the situation. I guess reducing the ‘load’ of the PC in general. Did you find any real solution to this problem that might help us?

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Hi @nickhungrysky, @brtbrg, @ThaBukkow

Even in 2022, Intel’s problem seems to be unsolved.
I had a very hard time with the same error.
But with the information here, I was able to explain.
This information was very helpful for me.
“Intel UHD Graphics 630” can also cause problems and is not recommended.