Interactable buttons are disabled?

Buttons in my HudCanvas are disabled despite them being intractable. I literally cannot find a single question about this, so I’m not sure if it’s been asked before. I’m fairly new to Unity(just started in the last couple of months) so I’m not sure what to do here, help?

I just had a similar issue and spent an annoying amount of time trying to solve it.

The cause of my case was simply that a parent object had a CanvasGroup component which had “Interactable” disabled. This then rolled out into all of its children resulting in a similar case to what you were experiencing. Enabling “Interactable” solved the issue for me.

Not sure if this helps (might be your button script) but this is the StartButton.cs script I use for a “Start Game” button on the title/start screen. (I’m using Unity 5) Simply create an empty Game Object in the Canvas and attach the script.

using UnityEngine;

public class StartButton : MonoBehaviour
	void OnGUI()
		const int buttonWidth = 84;
		const int buttonHeight = 60;    	
		Rect buttonRect = new Rect(
			Screen.width / 2 - (buttonWidth / 2),
			(1 * Screen.height / 4) - (buttonHeight / 2),
		if(GUI.Button(buttonRect," PLAY "))

I had the same problem and explained my problem in this thread (still needs to be approved at this point).

And a few minutes later I suddenly found the problem (and the solution):

When you create a new Canvas, it creates automatically a gameobject “EventSystem” next to it. I had deleted that one (probably by accident) and didn’t remembered is was even created.

Adding a EventSystem didn’t solve the problem.

To solve the problem I needed to create a new Canvas (so that is creates the EventSystem), copy the content of my old canvas to the new one and delete the old one

I hope this solves your problem