Interactions in Unity's New Input System

So I want to be able to do either a short hop or full hop depending on if I hold down the button or not.
Currently, my code is something like: += ctx => Jump();
How can I put the interactions into code and be able to do something like a short hop or full hop? Like if tap then do short hop height or if continued to hold time, continue to full hop height.

Here’s my code to do exactly what you’re describing.

Only use the Hold interaction. When the player starts pressing the button, it calls the Jump function. When the player releases the button (i.e. “canceling”), it calls the CutJump function.

    inputActions.Playercontrols.Jump.started += context => Jump();
    inputActions.Playercontrols.Jump.canceled += context => CutJump();

Hi, if your answer is till not solved I could do it by just implementing

using UnityEngine.InputSystem.Interactions;

and then doing something like this

`if (context.interaction is HoldInteraction)

You can find more on