Interactive 360 scene transitions

We are new to Unity and we succesfully installed the free Interactive 360 Sample Project from the asset store. We have been experimenting for a while and we like to change the animation from scene to scene. Now it is an fade in - fade out animation but we would like to make it more of a dissolve in each other. (So without the black screen)

Can someone help us or steer in the right direction? We are not programmers so every help is greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately you cannot do that with no programming knowledge but I will try to steer you in the right direction.

First you need to load your second scene additievely.
Then you need to animate the dissolve effect that you wish for (I suggest lowering the Alpha of all the objects in the first scene while increasing the alpha of the objects in the second scene).
And finally you need to destroy the first scene.

Is there perhaps something of a demo or something that looks like it so we can learn how to build?
The right direction that you suggest sounds very logical, but we have no idea where to start.