Interactive Cloth and Cloth Renderer in unity 5

So I realise that Interactive Cloth and Cloth Renderer is missing in unity 5, is this true?!
How can this not be included? I have a game that uses to simulate flags now none of my Flags work due to U5 not having this!!
Will it come back again? What the heck… how can this be ignored, seems like a big regression really.

Found it:

Cloth component

Let’s start with cloth. In Unity 4 cloth simulation is supported via InteractiveCloth and SkinnedCloth components. InteractiveCloth has a cloth-like mesh behaviour i.e. “physical cloth” that interacts with other physics bodies, can apply forces and so on. InteractiveCloth is computationally expensive, so Unity 4 has another one, SkinnedCloth, for character clothing.

Since SkinnedCloth is decoupled from the main simulation pipeline, it is able to perform better than InteractiveCloth. The main problem with cloth is that both components were quite unstable and cost a lot. With PhysX3 integration coming, we have decided to drop support for InteractiveCloth and only have one cloth component, called simply Cloth, designed with character clothing in mind.

In Unity 5.0, Cloth no longer reacts to all colliders in a scene, nor does it apply forces back to the world. Instead, we have a faster, multithreaded, more stable character clothing solution. When you add it the new Cloth component no longer reacts to any bodies at all.

Thus, Cloth and the world do not recognise or see each other until you manually add colliders from the world to the Cloth component. Even after that, the simulation is still one-way: cloth reacts to those bodies but doesn’t apply forces back. Additionally, you can only use three types of colliders with cloth: a sphere, a capsule, and conical capsule colliders, constructed using two sphere colliders. These changes have all been introduced to boost performance.

The authoring interface in Unity 5.0 is similar to the SkinnedCloth one, and we are working hard on improving that in 5.x. Expect to see things like integration with Mecanim avatars added during the 5.x cycle.

The new Cloth component supports the GPU via CUDA internally, but we’ve decided to release this later in the 5.x cycle for several reasons. Firstly, CUDA only works on Windows on NVIDIA hardware, and we have a big presence on Mac & Linux. Secondly, we really want to focus our bug fixing efforts on core stuff first and move on to integrate fancy things after that.