Interactive map

Would anyone be able to explain in design terms how a replica/similar map to this can be made?


It is an interactive 2d map of a player occupied universe, the map displays asteroids, ships, wether or not one of the squares in the map contains hostile owned structures, or just structures not owned by you. It displays your borders clearly, and also offers various tactical menus that display only ships etc. The map is clickable and you can zoom into any given square by clicking on it.

The universe for each player is coated in some sort of fog of war, each player has to explore and also have the option of sending other players parts of your map you have unfogged which they might not have (great for finding another player and ganging on them).
You will notice the map is divide dinto big squares, each square is split into 4 other smaller squares all with resources/content in them…or mostly anyway.

From what i remember, travel in the map had no loading screens.
Anyway in Unity3d is this at all possible?

Well, it’s possible that’s for sure. How, that’s another matter !

You could probably do it with somes textures on GUI, but personnaly I would go with some OpenGL for all the squares and the lines, and as for the map, you could create a plane on the nearPlane of the camera the play with it’s UVs.

But there must be plenty of other ways :slight_smile: