Interactive Object on Character

I’m modelling a Character in Cinema4d. It has a sort of a bag attached to it’s belly.

In the game the player shall be able to grab and drag my character around, but also be able to open, close and remove the bag from the character - if removed, the bag still stays in the game as an interactive object.

The bag can also be placed on the characters back. The bag then has to slightly change it’s shape from convex to concave.

When the character is turning, the belly is also morphing with the movement. Can I somehow transfer the morphing of the belly on the bag, although it’s a seperate object?

Simply skin the bag to the same bones as you character to make it move.

For the other part…I would simply model the two different bags (one on the front, one at the back), export them as one file (but separate meshes) and then dis-/enable the mesh renderer component in unity for the bags accordingly.

Ok thank you, I will try this solution.

Of course it would be much more beautiful, if I could interpolate between the two meshes for front and back when switching.
I could give the bag an animation with some bones for this, which is triggered each time it changes its position.
Does that sound feasible?