InteractiveCloth behaving oddly near attached colliders

So here is a small issue I’ve been having. I’m trying to create a hanging “flag”, if you like, and I’m doing so by using a simple, planar InteractiveCloth, which is attached by two SphereColliders. My issue is that the cloth seems to stretch abnormally on the vertices directly adjacent to the colliders. I’m not sure why this is, but it’s creating a very ugly effect (as you can see below). Using one CapsuleCollider across the top is less noticeable, but the effect is still there, and I would prefer two SphereColliders if at all possible anyway. I just thought I’d ask on here, just in case anyone knew what was causing this, or more importantly, how to fix it.


So I’ve discovered the issue. It seems that the collider for the object it’s attached to had become slightly displaced, forcing the cloth downwards to escape the collider. Repositioning the collider worked.