Interepting KeyPresses as ASCII characters

Hi, I was unable to come up with a good work around for the deselection of TextFields on GUI element creation, and thus need to rewrite the TextField functionality… yay!

A major component of that is getting the ASCII representations of the user’s key presses. Does anyone have/know of a library that can convert KeyCodes to ASCII characters?

If not I’ll just create one myself… but that’s a bit of a hassle.

You mean Unicode rather than ASCII, but you can use System.Convert.ToInt32 to convert a char to a Unicode number. However, KeyCodes are unique to Unity, and moreover are not guaranteed to always have the same values from one version to another, so converting those to Unicode is going to be problematic.

void Update () {
char tmp=Input.inputString[0];
int temp=(int)tmp;

you dont need any dlls for this. It is a simple work!! if the user press multiple keys in a frame, even that will be recorded in inputstring you jus have to ahndle array there instead of single char!