Interface 3D

I’m on a project and I use some piece of interface (EZGui) I need to use a perspective camera cause I need to have some interface elements with perspective.

How can I do to already have my elements at the good place on my screen ? Cause, whren I move to 16/9 elements are out of field like 16/10;
When I use native resolution it’s ok. So how can I do ?

I used this :

    float fMoveOnAxisX = fWindowsResX - m_nConfigResolutionX;
   float fMoveOnAxisY = fWindowsResY - m_nConfigResolutionY;

then I update the position of each elements but they are out of my camera field so anyone got an idae ?

Maybe with some sin and cos tan and object position in 3D view ? Cause with my method I just on X an Y cause according to me Z never change ?!

EZGUI has a component called “EZ Screen Placement” that protects the positions of UI elements regardless of the aspect ratio.