interface and implement in javascript with Unity 3.0

I have been unable to use interfaces what-so-ever with javascript. No matter what I name the interface, I receive...

Assets/Internal/Foo/FooBar.js(2,28): BCE0004: Ambiguous reference 'IFooBar': IFooBar, IFooBar.

This is occurring for...


interface IFooBar
    function DoFoo();


class FooBar implements IFooBar
    public function DoFoo() {}

What am I missing here? Is this feature available in Unity 3.0? Please advise.

Thanks, Jason

Your IFooBar interface is in a file named IFooBar.js, right? That's the problem. Unity seems to create a class named after that filename which exists in addition to the interface you created. Rename IFooBar.js to FooBarInterface.js

I'm moving to C# as soon as this project is over...