Interface flickering on runtime (But fine on debug)

Hey, I’m using NGUI and 2DToolkit on this scene, tried to make a basic HUD. I ran it via debug everything looks fine and works as intended. But when I tried to build and run the project, the interface is flickering gone away and back when my cursor focused on them.

Here’s the screencast

And on the console it shows lot of Null reference where in debug mode it shows nothing, can anyone give me pointers on what might be wrong?

Thank you!

Not nearly enough information to diagnose your problem, but the answer to your question is: your interface is flickering because your code is throwing NullReferenceExceptions while it’s trying to draw. Every time it throws an exception, it will stop trying to do draw the game.

I suggest you figure out what in your code or scene is different between editor mode and the build. You should be able to at least get a callstack for the exception by attaching to your build using the Unity debugger.