Interface Map

Hey everyone this may seem like a strange question but whats the best way of making a campaign style map that has like some planets on it that can be clicked on and interacted with like in sw:empire at war game? Not so sure how to do it… gui? or maybe make planets of smaller scale like I do in the actually battle scenes?

Well since I never really liked GUI in Unity I’d propose making your interface in full 3D using a camera in Orthographic mode if you want more of a 2D aspect to your map. That and using 3D text next to your planet that you activate/deactivate when mousing over your planets for names/descriptions. Then loading the scene you want when you click on the planet, maybe put the scene you want to load in a public variable so you can easily change it from the editor without having to make a thousand scripts for every planet.

If you want something more optimized and less laggy though, you can make planet icons in photoshop/whatever else and put them on planes instead of making full 3D spherical planets.

Unity GUI is a bit messy when it comes to making a menu and makes you code a lot so if you want to keep it simple, make it with 3D objects, but keep the aspect ratio in mind if you’re making a PC game (4:3, 16:9, different resolutions might hide some elements of your menu, make sure you design it in 4:3 so everyone can play it)