Internal Compiler Error BCE0055

Hey Guys,

I’m having a bit of trouble getting a script of mine to work. I’m getting the following error and i don’t know why its there…

Assets/Scripts/GUI/GUI_Handler.js(4,1): BCE0055: Internal compiler error: Boo.Lang.Compiler.TypeSystem.Ambiguous.

The GUI_Handler script is the following, just the first couple of lines.

#pragma strict
//Must have scripts to make the GUI work
import App;
import Gun;
import Player;
@script RequireComponent(Keyboard_Handler);
@script RequireComponent(MouseHandler);
@script RequireComponent(Gun_Changer);
@script RequireComponent(Player_Variables);

Any ideas about why its casting the error?

Ambiguous errors mean two classes exist or you have named something that the system already uses. Be sure each type you are calling there isn’t another version of it in your project. Or be more explicit with your naming, you can also use namespaces in C# in Unity 4 now to help this.