Internal Compiler Error with no output

Unity has recently started giving me an internal compiler error with no output, like so:

Internal compiler error. See the console log for more information. output was:

It is the ONLY message in my Console window, no other warnings/errors. Normally I can resolve these by restarting Unity but this one is persistent. The project compiles fine in Visual Studio and in MonoDevelop. As suggested in other posts, I’ve tried reimporting all my assets and deleting the obj/Library folders then restarting Unity to rebuild the project. No luck.

I’ve also noticed that if I do something to cause a yellow warning, the internal compiler error will take on the error message of that warning, which is weird because warnings don’t usually cause errors. Might be a clue?

Is my project just borked? This is driving me nuts, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Had to check the editor log for the (somewhat cryptic) error then I was able to figure out that mono didn’t like one of the structs I had created. Changed it to a class and everything works again.


You should take a look at the Unity Editor log, not the debug console.

Hope it helps,

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For future reference, we had this issue when we were using a nullable generic struct.

eg. MyStruct<object>? something;