Internal compiler error

What is wrong with unity. Everytime I import a package with a broken script or something, it messes up the whole project. Now the error won’t go off. I have removed the package later!

(Internal compiler error. See the console log for more information. output was:BCE0011: An error occurred during the execution of the step ‘UnityScript.Steps.PreProcess’: ‘Arg_InsufficientSpace
Parameter name: chars’.)

Maybe I come in too late, but maybe will help other people.

So, in my case, I made the stupid decision to save a script in monobehavior while Unity was closed. When I opened it, it showed that it is compiling scripts.
When I entered the game I had the same error.

If you doubleclick the error in the console, it will point you to the problematic asset. Just delete that asset and/or the package it is in and reimport the package.

Did the trick for me.