Internal links embed weirdly instead of just being Hyperlinks

So here’s a Topic I made:

Why does that show up embedded instead of just being a URL? That seems silly.

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I think its showing up expanded as your linking to something it can show a preview for.

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Yeah, but like, could it not?

When I want to tell somebody that “there’s something interesting behind this link because of this reason”, I don’t want this link to look like some other post, and for people to have to scroll. I get this as an opt-in thing, but I don’t think it should be on by default. The UI of this page is already so confusing!

Yes. For example:
In line with a text prevents nested preview: 400 new notifications
Links works just fine too.


Well we will investigate, Internal links embed weirdly instead of just being Hyperlinks, inline pasting does not expand
separating the link to its own section does

would seem it is quite flexible

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I would guess when you actually create an markdown link instead of just pasting the link should also work

This is the same link but properly wrapped as link. So the text and the actual link is the same. However when you just post the link as it is:

It shows with the preview. I’m usually in the habit of actually creating a “proper link” as in the past UA had issues with some links so some parts of the URL may have been cut off or merged with following text.

ps: it’s great that the editor now picks up several potential issues. When I wrote this post it warned me that the link I’ve included was already included in another post of this thread. Hopefully this site will help to reduce some of the common misuse issues we had. One warning that would be nice would be a “This thread is older than xxx, are you sure it is necessary to bump this thread?”.

Another feature that may be nice if moderators could “somehow” undo bumps, but that may not be possible.