Internet Activation Issues

Morning everyone,

I downloaded the Unity 3d platform yesterday and I have been unable to activate it - I get stuck at the "Waiting for responce from Server..." screen. Has anyone seen this error before and overcome it? I've already tried the normal things (reboot, reinstall, etc)

I have already submitted a request for manual activation, but I don't want to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get started on the tutorials.

Ciao, Chris

It's difficult to find the page for manual activation, so here's the url

Just choose the license file the app saves, tick free activation, and submit the form. Then follow the rest of the instructions and you can activate it.

Unity should launch a web page for you to select the activation type at that point. Check your browser hasn't launched in the background to the registration page.

Aside from that, there could be issues with you connection (possible firewall blocking?), or there could be an issue on Unity's end, in which case you will have to wait for a response from Unity.

currently it seems the manual activation is also no working... hopefully they will fix it soon.