Interrupt Mecanim animation state

I thought this would be a simple task, but for some reason I can’t get it to work.

I’ve given my character several features (dance, wave etc) that I’m trying to trigger at will. I’ve set up my mecanim system from my idle state to each of the other states, each transition is activated by a Trigger parameter (since I don’t want them to loop) and when each state animation finished it automatically returns to the idle state.

My problem is that for example my dance animation is intentionally a bit long. I want to be able to select another animation, interrupt this animation and start the new one. Right now I have to wait until it’s finished. Basically I’m creating a queue.

Isn’t that possible?

I’ve unchecked the “atomic” option in the transition, I thought that would suffice…

It is really wacky at the moment and not intuitive, but if you want to interrupt a animation state, have the transition come from “any state” state object. And if you want an animation to loop till a trigger is called, do not unchecked the exit time but set the exit time to 0? I am sure they will fix this stuff soon.